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An absolutely fantastic Kickstarter project is being held right now to support a new Japanese pop-culture magazine, titled Akiba Art Anime Magazine.

The magazine, aims to satisfy your inner otaku, providing a plethora of beautiful anime illustrations from various artists, while also introducing you to the popular otaku culture of Japan!  Which includes, but is not limited to, cosplay, goods, and food!

OTAKU, in the Japanese language, means having a passion for specific hobbies, and most here in the U.S. know otaku simply as passionate anime fans.  Of course, otaku is even in our name for this blog!  So this is a definite must to be apart of!

The magazine will be about 60-70 pages, and in 100% full color! And of course, depending on the amount of pledges (which they’ve already managed to exceed well over their goal), they’ll increase the pages!

They’ll also have other cool goodies in the magazine, including pages you can wear 3-D glasses for, to enhance the artwork on the page!

You can find more information, and see for yourself what this Kickstarter is all about!

JH Lab explains their reasoning for this project:

We, at JH Lab, have spent years on our research, mastering the concepts driving Akihabara and otaku. We have been severely disappointed about how these concepts have been misunderstood by those residing in the United States. We have been looking for a new means of distributing real authenticity in Akiba culture, sharing it around the entire world. Thus bringing us to three main reasons this project has began. 

Reason One: Sharing. We would like overseas otaku, mainly those of North America, to join this project and give us direct opinions. Reason Two: Finances. To create a top quality product, we need fellow comrades to back us up. And finally Reason Three: PR. We, in Akihabara, do not have have strong connections with overseas media. Therefore, we think it’d be meaningful to let you in on this project through this platform known as Kickstarter.

There’s still plenty of time if you are just hearing about this exciting magazine, the Kickstarter campaign will end on October 13th!

Source: Kickstarter

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